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Alexis Hotel Jakarta Review

Alexis Hotel Jakarta is located in Ancol. Ancol is one of good place to spend the whole holiday and weekend with family. There you can find a lot of fun by visiting unique spots like Fantasy World, Ecopark, Oceanarium, beach and many more. But these are not only interesting spots to visit. There are other unique spots to try as in Alexis Hotel.

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Jakarta is the big city which never sleeps as it is an extremely busy city. Because it never sleeps, the city provides large numbers of nightlife spots for adults’ entertainment, especially during weekend, after hours spent in the office. One favorable place for night entertainment spots is Alexis Hotel Jakarta.

Alexis Hotel Jakarta mainly focuses on giving services for adult men. It is not a secret in Jakarta that Alexis Hotel Indonesia is the best place for night events. These are very different with common hotels in Jakarta. Alexis Hotel Jakarta Ancol is merely a place which enables tons of entertainment for adult peoples. So, Alexis Hotel Jakarta rate is categorized as the best nightlife spot in Jakarta. This hotel is located in Ancol, specifically located at R. E. Martadinata number 1 North Jakarta.

Alexis Hotel Jakarta Nightlife

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Some reviews from the Alexis’s guests on the webs say that Alexis Hotel Jakarta is absolutely not only a hotel, but merely nightlife spots for adult people. Why? Commonly, people in Jakarta continuously work very hard in the office from Monday to Friday. After hours, their stress goes to the road as roads in Jakarta are very crowded. Traffic jam is everywhere, especially in important spots like Thamrin. Usually, they arrive at home in very late after hours spent in the roads. In the early morning they have to wake up to do the same thing everyday. Time is very expensive in Jakarta. Though they are paid worthily, they receive intense pressure and stress every where. In order to rid out the stress impact, they spent their weekend from morning to night. It is a kind of sin to waste weekend to stay and sleep at home. Sometimes, adult people need real entertainment to relax them. On of the favored one is nightlife spot in Alexis.

Alexis Hotel Jakarta : Night Club
Alexis Hotel Jakarta is well known as the best night life in Jakarta ever. There you can find 4Play Club and Bar Lounge which are located after the main lobby of the hotel. In this club, there is DJ stage for local and international performers. The stage is also equipped with colorful catwalk for dancers and fashion show. The bar is guarded by professional bartenders who serve you best cocktails and mock tails.

Alexis Hotel Jakarta : Other Facilities

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Besides club and bar, this hotel also has a restaurant which provides innovational menu from several countries like Indonesia, China, and Japan. The ambience of the restaurant is pretty good for dinning. Furthermore, the hotel also has karaoke lounge which is named XiS Karaoke. The lounge enables you to choose tons of Mandarin, Korean, Western, and Indonesian songs. Girl companions are also available to accompany you. Then, this hotel also has a bathhouse that will give you comfortable spa and massage experiences. These you can find in the Alexis Hotel Jakarta.

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